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Contemporary Berber Kilim Rug - 7' x 10'



Contemporary Berber kilim. This rug comes from a wife/husband team—she weaves, he sells her rugs.  They live in a small village called Merirt in the High Atlas Mountains.  The pattern combines traditional Berber symbols (the ‘eyes’ which ward off evil spirits) with a pattern that was inspired by the timbered ceilings of her small rural home.  I have never seen this pattern elsewhere—it’s her own creation!

Dimensions: 7' x 10'

Colors Black/White/Cream

Material 100% Wool 

Origin Merirt region

Cleaning Guide Vacuum on the lowest setting possible (preferably with beater bar off) or use a broom to sweep away debris. Spot clean with mild soap and water only, avoid rubbing and any use of a carpet cleaning machine